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Welcome to IBalance.ca!

So that you can find us better on the net, this site is also MyEarCones.com & MyEarCandles.com

Here at MyEarCones.com, We are Certified Ear Candling Experts.

IBalance.ca is dedicated to providing you with a wealth of resources about Ear Candling (also called Ear Cones) originally including information about Ear Candling Services which, were performed in Cambridge, Toronto Ontario Canada.  The practice is now closed but this site continues to offer a wealth of knowledge related to Ear Candles in Toronto.

We also plan to expand the site to include information about other Natural Remedies soon so, be sure to bookmark this site!

Use the navigation bar on your left to browse the site and learn more about Ibalance.ca

*This site is designed to provide information only.  Links are provided for informational purposes and we do not recommend or endorse any product or service you find here.  Ibalance.ca, MyEarCones.com, and MyEarCandles.com shall not be deemed liable for anything that may happen to you from the use of this site.


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